Warren Buffet: How to think about social policy

In this talk to Nebraska students, Warren Buffet explains how we should think about designing our world. This is how he explained it in mostly his words.

“Let’s assume it is 24 hs before you are born. And you get the great opportunity to design the world you are going to live in.  You pick out the political rules, the economic rules, the social rules, you design the world in which you will be born in. So what is the catch though?

Well, you won’t know whether you will be born black or with, male or female, rich or poor, bright or retarded, able-bodied or infirm, in the US or Afganistan, all you know is that you are going to be born in the society you’ve designed. What kind of rules do you want to have in the society you’re going to be born in? That is how we should think when we think about social policy.”


Karl Niebuhr

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