Optimize your learning — advanced learning tips by Jim Kwik

Optimize your learning — advanced learning tips by Jim Kwik

“Knowledge is only potential power; it becomes power when we act on it.”

I made a short summary of Jim Kwik’s best tips about boosting brainpower and optimize learning.

The most important points can be remembered easily by the acronym FAST. Fast stands for:

F Forget

A Active

S State

T Teach

Now let’s go into the details about every state.

Be present!

Be an active learner

  • Ask questions! (how am I going to use this, apply this, teach this to others) Put comments etc.

Don’t outsource your brain (digital dementia), train it!

Take notes!

  • It boosts retention by 50%

Do whole brain note-taking.

  • (Use the left and right side of the brain) left = logic, right = creative. left side -> note taking, right side -> note making.
  • divide your paper with a line, on the left side make notes, on the right side write down your impressions of the notes, visuals (how you are going to use it, etc.)

Al learning is state dependent.

  • Always do a check of the state of your mind and body before learning something, because the emotion you attach to information becomes a long term memory.
  • Learn in a curious, fascinating, exciting state!
  • You can change your state in two ways, either by changing your mind (by asking questions) or changing your body (physical exercises).


  • Teaching helps to solidify knowledge and understanding further.

That’s all, remember to apply these principles, because knowledge is only potential power, it becomes power when we act on it.

Originally published at karlheinzniebuhr.github.io on October 24, 2016.

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