60 seconds and you’re hired — Summary

60 seconds and you’re hired — Summary

This book focuses on the essentials of a good job application.

Grab employers attention from the beginning

Employers have to make quick hiring decisions so you should grab their attention quickly. If you feel under pressure just bear in mind that employers feel under pressure too, as bad hiring decisions cost their company a lot of money.

They receive lots of applications each day which is why they have to make quick hiring decisions. After reviewing several candidates all these applicants start to blur together. That’s why the 60-second strategy is necessary to secure the job you want. It is about grabbing the attention of your interviewer with concise answers of 60 seconds or less.

Employers attention span is short and they want to make decisions quickly, the clearer and quicker you can explain why you’re the best person for the job, the better.

Repeatedly mention  your five most marketable skills

To prevent your interview blur together with that of other people you must stick out from the rest. Do this by mentioning your five biggest strengths, especially those relevant to the company’s needs. Once outlined these five points, keep mentioning them during the interview. By doing so repeatedly you will help remember the interviewer your skills later and make her believe you are the right fit. Easy-peasy.

Prepare for the toughest questions

Every company is different, prepare for the company you are having an interview with by researching the products and services in which they specialize.

By preparing for critical questions you will also be able to better handle interview anxiety.

Prepare for specific examples of how you’ve performed in the past. Be ready to go as specific as the employer wants to. Employers want to make sure you are the right person for the job, and by being specific you’ll convince them that you are. (sidenote: Elon Musk asks applicants to describe to him how they solved a problem in the past. By asking specific questions he can make sure that they were really the ones who solved the problem)

You might describe a situation where you solved a challenging problem under pressure and with little time. Next, describe yourself as the ideal worker persona. Fight stereotypes and position yourself as uniquely valuable.

Your turn to make questions is the perfect opportunity to make an impression

As your interview wraps up you’ll get the opportunity to ask some questions. This is your chance as interviewers pay a great deal of attention to the questions that job-seekers ask. What you’re curious about says a lot about. Take the time to prepare some good formed, relevant questions, write them down on paper.

Preparing yourself well and making questions relevant to how you can help them succeed will show your employer that you are interested in making a contribution to the institution.

Practice good non-verbal communication

Maintaining a good non-verbal communication is essential to a good impression. Give a firm handshake and greet the recruiter with a smile while maintaining eye contact. Maintain good eye contact during the interview as this demonstrates confidence and shows that you are trustworthy. Finally, don’t be afraid to smile as long as it is a sincere smile.

In summary: Give concise and relevant answers and good non-verbal communication. This way you will greatly enhance the outcome of your job application.

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