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Primer mes con dieta basada en plantas

Introducción Hace un mes me hice un cambio grande en mi alimentación, decidí cambiarme a una alimentación vegana. En este post describiré mi experiencia y algunas cosas que aprendí. No voy a entrar en muchos detalles porque pienso a hacer ...
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Sam Walton: Made in America

Sam Walton: Made in America

Learn from one of the most successful business  men of history Sam Walton not only was one of the most successful business men of history, he also set an example of intense curiosity and passion. Sam grew up in during ...
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Feel the fear and do it anyway -- Synthesis

Feel the fear and do it anyway — Synthesis

Learn how to overcome fear and live your life in power and love This classic self-help book will teach you how to overcome fear. You'll learn how commitment and action are essential to overcoming all fear and empower yourself ...
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People over profit -- key concepts

People over profit — key concepts

Learn how to create long term success in your company Companies go through phases When we think about capitalism, inevitably some ugly examples pop up into our mind. Companies which are greedy, ruthless to their employees and the environment, ...
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Mastery -- key concepts

Mastery — key concepts

Learn how to achieve success by learning from history's geniuses Most people believe that in order to accomplish great things in life, you need to have the necessary talent. This is not true as studies have shown. It has been ...
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10% Happier -- key concepts

10% Happier — key concepts

Learn how to become happier and more successful through meditation After suffering a panic attack, Dan Harris began a journey to search for a solution. His search eventually led him to meditation. In this book, the author tells how meditation ...
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A mind for numbers -- Summary

A mind for numbers — Summary

Restructure your study strategy by following the insights from one of the best books about learning how to learn Learning how to learn. This topic should be the first topic we learn in high school. Why? Because it makes so ...
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Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude -- Summary

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude — Summary

This classic will teach you how a positive mental attitude leads to success Positive Mental Attitude leads to success sooner or later Success can be attributed to a single characteristic, a positive way of thinking.Take Henry Ford as an ...
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Good to great -- Summary

Good to great — Summary

Learn what differentiates Great Companies from Good Companies Jim Collins and his team researched over 6000 press articles and 2000 pages of executive interviews to find out what makes companies go from good to great. Good-to-great companies are those ...
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Positivity -- Summary

Positivity — Summary

Learn how positive emotions lead to more success and a more fulfilled life Many books are written about the power of positivity, but many people don't know that it is backed up by science. Positive emotions make us smarter and more ...
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Reality is Plastic -- Summary

Reality is Plastic — Summary

Learn about the surprising power of hypnosis and our subconscious mind What hypnosis is For many people, hypnosis is a mysterious subject which they either don't believe exists or they think that it has something to do with a ...
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Creativity Inc. -- Summary

Creativity Inc. — Summary

Learn how to create a creative working environment In our modern day, creativity is a growing requirement, as other jobs get increasingly outsourced by computers and robots. There is one problem with creativity, though. It implies doing things in a ...
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