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The everything store -- Summary

The everything store — Summary

Learn from one of the biggest visionaries and entrepreneurs, the mind behind Amazon. Jeff Bezos worked at the hedge fund D.E. Shaw & Co back in the early nineties. He was a remarkable employee. He had the ability for ...
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Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ -- Summary

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ — Summary

Learn to manage your emotions so that you can use them to your benefit Emotions are not only what define our relationships or extreme situations like a fight. They are an integral part of our decision-making process. In this ...
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Growth Hacker Marketing -- Summary

Growth Hacker Marketing — Summary

Learn how to outperform massive traditional marketing budgets with free growth hacker marketing Traditional marketing techniques won't get you the same results like growth hacker techniques. For example, if you want to create a viral post or product, paying ...
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Payoff -- Summary

Payoff — Summary

Learn how to motivate yourself and others from this "little brother" of the book Drive. What exactly is motivation and are there different types of motivation? We learned the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in the book Drive ...
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Eat that frog -- Summary

Eat that frog — Summary

Learn how to beat procrastination by doing what matters first Did you ever worry about not being productive enough to get important things done? Procrastination is a problem most people tackle with. Fortunately, there is a way to prioritize ...
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The desire map -- Summary

The desire map — Summary

Learn to embrace your desires to accomplish your highest goals and achieve fulfillment Desires not only are crucial for the survival of the human race, but positive desires also make our life more fun and fulfilling. Desires are the ...
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The 22 immutable laws of marketing -- Summary

The 22 immutable laws of marketing — Summary

This book packs so much useful information about marketing, if you read one book about marketing let it be this one. Marketing is about perception not about superiority. If you want to sell your product you have to tweak ...
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The lean startup -- Summary

The lean startup — Summary

Learn how to form a successful new business Startups differ from established companies in that they don't know exactly how to do things. They need to be flexible and make quick adjustments. Traditional management sets goals and oversees the execution ...
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How we learn -- Summary

How we learn — Summary

Learn to learn, this book will teach you how to become a better learner We all have to learn in life, whether we go to school or not, every day is a new opportunity to learn. Why should we learn? Because ...
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Made to stick -- Summary

Made to stick — Summary

This is one of the books everyone should read. Knowing how to create ideas which stick to people's minds is fascinating and useful Ideas can be presented so that people tend to forget them, or so that people tend ...
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Predictably Irrational -- Summary

Predictably Irrational — Summary

Learn how to think effectively from one of the best books on the topic Relative value Our mind always tries to compare one thing with another one to try to estimate its value, attractiveness or whatever it tries to ...
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Mindware -- Summary

Mindware — Summary

Learn to reason more rationally Have you ever wondered why people make stupid mistakes? You might have observed how even a very smart person does an obvious mistake. This book will help you to upgrade your reasoning skills. Correlation ...
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