Accountability for Happiness

Thinking that something is your fault isn’t fun per se. But the byproduct it brings gives you choice. If you are responsible for something, the implication is that you can change it, that the circumstance is at least in part under your control.

“You put accountability on a pedestal, your life will change. Do you know how liberating it is to realize everything is your fault?”

~ GaryVee

Now if you think that there certainly are things that are outside of our control, you are right, this isn’t about blaming victims. Bad things do happen to us. But you will be amazed by how much actually is under your control once you decide to do something about.

Great things won’t happen overnight. You might need to close your eyes and eat shit for 10 years. But if you do that, instead of complaining and searching for excuses, your life WILL radically change at the end.

“Everything I talk about feels so real, it might just take eleven years. And a lot of people don’t have eleven years because they are not willing to put in the work to be happy for the rest of their life, they’d rather complain.”

~ GaryVee

For me, taking accountability was a great gamechanger. Charlie Munger said that self-pity is one of the most destructive emotions and I completely agree. I’ve tried it, that shit didn’t help. Then I realized that I could take daily steps to change something I don’t like. It took some years, but It was totally worth it. I’m talking about meditating 2 hours per day on average. That was a huge factor which helped me become a happier person.

Of course it would’ve been easier to blame my zodiac. But I’d still be miserable.
When you feel there’s no other source controlling your shit, all of a sudden you become empowered to take action.

Gary talking about accountability