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A one minute mindfulness meditation
Do you feel overwhelmed and don't know what to do about it? Did you hear about the benefits of meditation but you think you have not enough time to practice? Worry no more, in this excerpt the authors of the very recommended book Mindfulness explain how you can meditate in just 1 minute. A one-minute meditation
  • Sit erect in a straight-backed chair. If possible, bring your back a little way from the rear of the chair so that your spine is self-supporting. Your feet can be flat on the floor. Close your eyes or lower your gaze.
  • Focus your ...
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📚 Happiness | Science | Meditation| Buddhism Excerpt From: Dalai Lama. “The Art of Happiness.” The key question is: Does Buddhism have anything to contribute to the scientific investigation of happiness? In considering this question, it is important to understand that Buddhism is not a faith-based system in the traditional sense. In fact, when the Buddha first began to teach, he advised his disciples not to blindly accept his teachings out of faith, but rather to investigate the validity of his theories and test his methods for themselves. This reliance on empirical investigation, the uncompromising commitment to truth, and a ...
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