GaryVee on meditation

With the level of self-awareness, confidence, kindness, and practicality of Gary Vaynerchuk exudes, and his great ability to teach, have made me a big fan of him. I absorb his content like a sponge. But how did he become that way? He says that he got lucky and has good DNA. Besides that, he put in a lot of work, work on himself, that’s how I believe he got to that point.

I’d usually recommend people to meditate if they want to achieve Gary’s qualities. Certainly, I felt getting more of those, and many other qualities over the years from meditation. But he doesn’t actually meditate. In this interview he talks briefly about the topic, I’m paraphrasing.

“I don’t meditate, but I kind of live a very thoughtful mindful spiritual macro intriguing mindset life. I often say that I live in a cocoon. I go to myself, I’m self-soothing… you know it’s funny when you asked that question, I literally thought about a cat licking itself… I’d tell you that I do a mental version of that. When I have a second for myself where I’m not working, I go to myself.”