Have confidence in your own reason

YouTube is another big learning place for me besides books. Today I casually watched this video and wrote down a quote which is very much how I think. So much so that I thought it worthy of a post.

“When you’re faced with a decision that says this-or-that and you don’t like either choice, refuse them both and create a third way.
The realization, that your options are never just exactly what people say they are, and that you can break free from the options that are presented to you is going to be valuable for the rest of your life. That’s how you stay alive in the Game of Thrones and that is how you win in the game of life. “

I found that I was often cornered by either the options other people gave me or, (sadly) I gave to myself. It is thus easy to get stuck and hopeless but why, if we often already have an alternative way readily available in our brain? Why ignore our own reason? I’ve learned to trust in my own ideas and intuition and it has already been of immense value to me.

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