How to disable Samsung’s annoying Bloatware

If there is something that infuriates me it is bloatware that cannot be disabled. I happened to get a notification every few minutes from “Samsung Experience Service” for the last couple of weeks.

There was no way to disable that shit. I found online forums full of complaints. Good job Samsung you are alienating your clients.

Ok so let’s get rid of this. The first step is to download ADB.

Open the command prompt and switching to the directory where adb.exe is located.

Make sure your Samsung is connected to the PC and click on Allow USB Debugging. You find a detailed guide here.

Once ready, execute this command:

./adb.exe shell pm uninstall -k --user 0

If you get Success in the command prompt, the notifications should no longer appear.


Ah, and by the way, you can check what other bloat and spyware there is to uninstall.

./adb.exe shell pm list packages

If you use cygwin you can grep all samsung apps just to see how much bloat action there is really going on.

./adb.exe shell pm list packages | grep samsung

Count Samung Packages

./adb.exe shell pm list packages | grep samsung | wc -l

My s7 with Oreo has 121 Samsung packages. Are they all necessary? Probably not.