Lazy meditation

Sometimes my meditation consists of just sitting and thinking, often while listening to music. Yes meditating with music is awesome, heck, I can meditate even with Heavy Metal. This is unlike most people think about meditation, most think about it as calming thoughts, and that is certainly a byproduct of this activity too, but not necessarily the goal. This style is very helpful because no expectations means not getting frustrated about doing it right. Call it ‘lazy’ meditation.

This method worked in a very sustainable way for me over the years. It also often gives me new ideas and insights through the deep-thinking that comes with it.

Taking some time each day, to get out of the frenetic pace and spend some time getting into a more relaxed state. You will be able to think through and see things more clearly.

If you combine lazy meditation with reading you can have even more interesting insights by reflecting ober what you’ve read.

Usually, I think through a lot of things initially, then my mind gradually calms down. I come out feeling great, refreshed, with new ideas, happiness, drive, and not much anxiety.