My euro trip from the south to the north

First destiny, Milan

I wasn’t so interested in visiting this city but my travel partner chose this city as the first destiny. After all, I liked the city, it has a lot of very beautiful architecture. The city expresses a romantic vintage ambient. The street running is from 1890 or something and has incandescent light bulbs which barely illuminate the wagon.


This is the cleanest and best-organized city I’ve visited so far. Perhaps only rivaled by Luxembourg. I felt the parallels to Germany in architecture and engineering with some differences. There was no control in the subway whatsoever. And everything was much cleaner than in Germany.


This city was Zen total. To put it a little metaphorical, the whole vibe of the place was different, my friend and I noticed that as soon as we went through the streets of Amsterdam. It was a sunny day and people just seemed so relaxed and chill compared to other European cities.

We stayed at an Airbnb in Zandvoort aan zee and it is the coziest neighborhood I’ve been to. Full of little homes with Buddha statues or zen quotes. Every house had a bench in front of it, inviting passengers to take a seat. At night people just seem to sit outside and socialize no matter what day it is, and this takes place in a residential district, not the city center. In Germany, this only happens when there are festivities. The city downtown, of course, was full of people all the time, you can smell cannabis at any time of the day.

The famous red light district was also a thing, especially on Fridays it seems.


It’s a shame I haven’t really explored this city even though it was the destiny. I stayed at a backpacker hostel in Stirling which is a little town 30 minutes from Edinburgh. But at the end of the day, it was a nice coincidence that I found a hostel there at arrival because I found my childhood hero William Wallace’s memorial and battlefields there. Age of Empires 2 anyone? <3


After Scotland, I went to Germany to visit a Girl and her family and made good use of the opportunity to walk with a little Jackrussel. I love taking walks in Germany I just never get tired of the beautiful landscape.

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