The magic of thinking big — Summary

This book will teach you how to adopt a Success Mindset

Believe in yourself

The start to success happens in a change of your mindset. You have to let limiting beliefs go and start thinking BIG. Belief is very important, feel 100% capable of accomplishing your dreams.

The more you will believe that you can do what you want, the most creative power will your mind generate. You can accomplish anything as long as your belief is proportional to the dimension of your goal.

A nice side effect of believing in yourself is that other people start believing in you too.

Let negative thinking go

Stop watching so much news. News tend to be full of negativity because it’s what sells best. Most of the news also have no impact on your life anyway, you do much better reading a book.

Start changing your mindset. Think and act positively every day. Speak out positive affirmations. Affirmations will trigger better feelings. Write down your goals, doing so will help you know where you are going and clarify your thoughts.

Choose your environment carefully

Take distance from very negative people. When you have friends who always complain and see a problem for every idea and solution, distance yourself from them. They will have a bad influence on you in the long run. People who always think that something cannot be done will never be successful.

Our mentality is influenced by your surrounding much the same as your health is affected by the quality of the food you eat. Prolonged association with negative people who only gossip will stuff you with negative “mental food.”

A high-quality environment is vital for your success.

Successful people surround themselves with other successful people. If you surround yourself with high-quality friends and people, their quality will catch on to you. Also, they will support you with your goals and become your partners in success.

Threat everyone with respect

We all depend on others, especially successful people. Nobody pulls themselves up alone. Preserving and nurturing relationships with other people is crucial.

Creative thinking is better than fact memorization

Knowing lots of facts is often not that useful. You can look up facts easily anyway nowadays. What defines successful people is creative thinking. They see obstacles as challenges, not barriers.

You can also think of it like this, if you know facts you may know existing solutions. But solving new problems require you to come up with non-existing solutions, that’s where creative thinking comes in.

There are several ways to develop creative thinking. Diversity is key! Embrace new ideas. Try new things and take advantage of every opportunity. Diversify your lifestyle. Join a community outside your occupation. Get friends who have different hobbies than you do. For more information on creativity read the summary of Where good ideas come from.

Attitude is important

People can tell a lot about a person’s attitude just by watching them. This ability stems from evolution. For millions of years, we had to communicate and read other people through body language. Therefore you won’t fool other people just with your words. It is important that you adopt an attitude that brims with self-confidence and positivity.

Overcome fear

Fear can be devastating to your dreams. They often are not obvious but subtle. Fear of other people, for example, can limit you in many ways. When having a fear of other people often the problem is a lack of self-confidence.

Self-confidence is an antidote to fear. The stronger your self-confidence, the less likely it is that fear will have a debilitating and limiting effect on you.

So how can we gain more self-confidence then? It is as simple as starting to act self-confidently. Act with confidence even if you don’t feel it. In time this will become easier to sustain and eventually become natural to you.

Start making more eye contact and walk faster. These two actions make you stand out from the crowd and strengthen your interactions. Therefore, strengthening your self-awareness. No one is born self-confident, everyone has to work on their self-confidence. So start to practice every day.

Devise a plan and study your setbacks

The first step towards your goal is setting your goal, then act on it. To accomplish your goal, you have to work on it, but also on yourself continually. Try to avoid errors by learning from others people mistakes, through books for example. When you have a setback, analyze what went wrong and what you can improve the next time.

For example, you can learn how to be a better learner. The faster you learn the faster you will be able to improve all areas of your life including your goal. Always invest in yourself.

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