Why some people don’t get value out of self-help books

Today I came across a review on Goodreads which pretty well sums up the notion most people have about self-help books:

This book reminded me of why I stopped reading self-help books. I found this one particularly overwhelming. Filled with great inspirational advice I will just ignore because all I want to do is keep reading books…

I caught myself in this situation too where I was reading useful books, but I did little to implement what I learned from them. Instead, I fell into the trap of feeling satisfied by just reading them. But the whole point of books about success is to learn from them!

It is better to read 1 book and implement the things you learn from it than to read 100 books and do nothing. Keep that in mind when you read with the intention to learn.

And chose your books well. I chose quality books over quantity any day. The higher quality your book, the more wisdom it will contain and the better that wisdom will be transmitted to you.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you read only one book, do your research and chose the best one
  • Practice the good stuff you learn

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