Why I dropped a MS in CS from Germany and turned to self-education

I went with a pretty high expectancy [1,2] to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science at one of Germany’s best Universities in Computer Science. Soon I found that the education wasn’t at all as good as I had expected. The main reasons are unnecessary complexity or pretended knowledge and academic arrogance. I will briefly explain some … Read moreWhy I dropped a MS in CS from Germany and turned to self-education

Reality is Plastic — Summary

Learn about the surprising power of hypnosis and our subconscious mind What hypnosis is For many people, hypnosis is a mysterious subject which they either don’t believe exists or they think that it has something to do with a clock pendulum. These misconceptions stem from movies mostly. Most agree that hypnosis is some kind of … Read moreReality is Plastic — Summary

How to learn the fundamentals of Computer Science

Over the years I’ve observed two bad things when it comes to computer science education. First, it simply is bad in general, with bad I mean badly structured and incomplete. Focusing on one thing but missing many other which are necessary to grasp the whole picture. In case the education is good, it still is mostly … Read moreHow to learn the fundamentals of Computer Science

Creativity Inc. — Summary

Learn how to create a creative working environment In our modern day, creativity is a growing requirement, as other jobs get increasingly outsourced by computers and robots. There is one problem with creativity, though. It implies doing things in a different way. People often fear to do things in unusual ways because they involve risk, how … Read moreCreativity Inc. — Summary