Business at the Speed of Thought — Summary

I have been wanting to read biographies about Bill Gates for a while. Searching for them brought me to this book which he wrote himself. An opportunity I wouldn’t let escape. Sure, a lot of what Bill talks about in this book is no longer something new, most of the things he predicted in 1999 … Read moreBusiness at the Speed of Thought — Summary

Patient Urgency — Excerpt from The Self-made Billionaire Effect

Last time we read about Empathetic Imagination, one of the defining characteristics of self-made Billionaires. Another characteristic is Patient Urgency. It means feeling an urgency to have everything in place at the right time and sustaining that urgency during prolonged periods of time. The Self-made Billionaire Effect explains. They always say time changes things, but … Read morePatient Urgency — Excerpt from The Self-made Billionaire Effect

Lessons from — Delivering Happiness

This autobiography did not disappoint. I especially enjoyed the first half of the book. It is where Tony recounts some of his first business ventures. The first one he created in elementary school. The inspiration came from a book he borrowed from his friend, called Free Stuff for Kids. In it, he found a button-making … Read moreLessons from — Delivering Happiness

Empathetic Imagination — Excerpt from The Self-made Billionaire Effect

I’m fascinated by a book which explains what Self-made Billionaires have in common. One of the key factors of self-made billionaires is their ability to be empathic enough to understand the needs of other people, and imaginative enough to find and evaluate solutions to those problems. The Self-made Billionaire Effect explains. Inspiration exists, but it … Read moreEmpathetic Imagination — Excerpt from The Self-made Billionaire Effect

Dual mindsets of Billionaires — Book Excerpt from The Self-made Billionaire Effect

This is a book excerpt from the book The Self-made Billionaire Effect by John Sviokla. The book caught my attention first when I saw an interview with Tai Lopez and GaryVee. Tai mentioned this book when Gary explained how he lives by seemingly contradictory principles like patience and an urgent drive to act. Being egotistical … Read moreDual mindsets of Billionaires — Book Excerpt from The Self-made Billionaire Effect

Institutional dynamics, why you should simplify your organization

I live in Paraguay where labor is cheap. Everywhere you see people performing work which could easily be automated or done more efficiently. That is what I noticed when I moved to Germany. There weren’t security guards in front of every medium to big business, not even in the banks. Sure, it is safer over … Read moreInstitutional dynamics, why you should simplify your organization

Investing rule number one, don’t lose money

This excerpt from the book Snowball explains why taking debt to make up losses is tempting but not good. “The advent of the Bloomberg terminal, symbol of the new computerized trading, mirrored the ongoing struggle over Salomon’s identity, which continued within the firm. Its laggard businesses had never gotten back on their feet. In 1994, … Read moreInvesting rule number one, don’t lose money

Derivatives explained

Excerpt from the book The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life “At the time that Buffett invested in Salomon, the market was near a breaking point. In his shareholder letter the previous March, he had said that money managers were so hyperkinetic they made “whirling dervishes appear sedated.” He didn’t have a partnership to … Read moreDerivatives explained

Lessons from University of Berkshire Hathaway

The book University of Berkshire Hathaway resumes the relevant lessons learned from the Shareholder meetings of Berkshire Hathaway. I got some very good insights into Warren Buffett’s and Charlie Munger’s wisdom from this little book. About the author’s After graduating with a philosophy degree — Daniel Pecaut, the author of this book — started to … Read moreLessons from University of Berkshire Hathaway

Technical vs fundamental analysis

Let’s discuss the pro and cons of technical vs fundamental analysis. I’ll list the arguments made in the book Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets and add my own thoughts. Quotations from the book are marked in italics. What is technical analysis? Technical analysis is the study of market action, primarily through the use of charts, … Read moreTechnical vs fundamental analysis

Listen to negative feedback

I’ve been guilty of only seeking positive feedback too. But I really have to change this bad habit and so should you. Don’t blame, blame Elon Musk. He thinks it is the most fundamental advice for every entrepreneur striving for big things. Elon thinks that setting up good corrective feedback loops is the biggest challenge in life … Read moreListen to negative feedback

Pitch anything — Summary

This book will show you how to persuade and achieve a dominant position Karl’s commentary: The author of this book has an interesting approach to effective communication and persuation with a mix of neuroscience, psychology and economics. The idea is to fill the gap between what you are trying to communicate to your audience and … Read morePitch anything — Summary

5 levels of leadership — Book Summary

Learn about highly important leadership skills A great leader is like the captain of a sailboat, able to navigate the stormy sea and keep the boat on course. Working under a great boss not only is great because your institution most likely will get where it wants to, it is also a pleasure. A good … Read more5 levels of leadership — Book Summary

People over profit — key concepts

Learn how to create long term success in your company Companies go through phases When we think about capitalism, inevitably some ugly examples pop up into our mind. Companies which are greedy, ruthless to their employees and the environment, the list goes on. But are some companies really inherently bad? The truth is that companies … Read morePeople over profit — key concepts

Good to great — Summary

Learn what differentiates Great Companies from Good Companies Jim Collins and his team researched over 6000 press articles and 2000 pages of executive interviews to find out what makes companies go from good to great. Good-to-great companies are those which have been performing below the average stock market performance for at least 15 years before … Read moreGood to great — Summary

Creativity Inc. — Summary

Learn how to create a creative working environment In our modern day, creativity is a growing requirement, as other jobs get increasingly outsourced by computers and robots. There is one problem with creativity, though. It implies doing things in a different way. People often fear to do things in unusual ways because they involve risk, how … Read moreCreativity Inc. — Summary