Perspective changes the game

Absolutely sure that one of the most important things I learned about lately is perspective. Let me clarify that statement, I didn’t experience perspective the first time, already did that years ago through difficult experiences, but it wasn’t until listening to GaryVee that I understood perspective is really a big, huge thing.

“If you can have macro perspective and micro practitionership, you will be happy and win.” ~ Gary V.

Having humility and audacity at the same time and other ‘contradictions’.

Why are they a game changer? Can’t answer that question but I suspect that perspective protects us from delusion, while at the same time recognizing that we can get to a happy place.

A lot of people fall in one of two extremes, either they are utterly delusional, or they are extremely pessimistic. Self-awareness is huge because it prevents delusion, now combine that with perspective.

The take away I want to give is, you can either wait for big events to happen to achieve perspective or do something much better, just meditate on it. Perhaps read some biographies to learn how other people overcame situations and achieved things. Realize that awesome shit is happening around you every day. Huge opportunities are waiting! Go out and do shit!