60 seconds and you're hired -- Summary

60 seconds and you’re hired — Summary

This book focuses on the essentials of a good job application. Grab employers attention from the beginning Employers have to make quick hiring decisions so you should grab their attention quickly. If you feel under pressure just bear in mind ...
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My favorite Quotes

My favorite Quotes

"First you have to make yourself happy because if you don't you are are a vulnerability to the entire ecosystem..." - Garyvee ...
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Becoming Steve Jobs - Summary

Becoming Steve Jobs – Summary

Learn about the fascinating evolution of Steve Jobs Karl's commentary: This biography distinguishes itself in that it shows a more humane, perhaps more realistic perspective of Steve Jobs. In contrast to other authors who have written about him, this author was ...
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Pitch anything -- Summary

Pitch anything — Summary

This book will show you how to persuade and achieve a dominant position Karl's commentary: The author of this book has an interesting approach to effective communication and persuation with a mix of neuroscience, psychology and economics. The idea ...
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Mastery by George Leonard -- Summary

Mastery by George Leonard — Summary

Learn what characteristics are necessary to achieve mastery What exactly is mastery? Many may think it is being good at something but is focusing on that really helpful? It turns out that to master mastery we first have to ...
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Physics of the impossible -- Summary

Physics of the impossible — Summary

Take a journey into the world of spectacular and futuristic physics In the nineteenth-century, Jules Verne's contemporaries laughed off his fantasies about devices like fax machines, worldwide communication networks and rocket ships to the moon. Today of course all ...
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Physics of the future -- Summary

Physics of the future — Summary

Want to stretch your imagination and learn about technology at the same time? Read this book Predicting the future based on technological trends of today Moore's law is one of the best known technological trends. It predicts the trend that ...
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The gifts of imperfection -- Summary

The gifts of imperfection — Summary

Learn how to be yourself Most of us don't live out their true desires but instead, live according to other peoples rules. The problem with trying to fulfill other's expectations, however, is that we will never satisfy them all ...
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The happiness project -- Summary

The happiness project — Summary

Learn how to start your own journey towards happiness What is the greatest good in life? For thousands of years, philosophers and other intellectuals have tackled this question. Most of them, including Aristotle, declared that happiness was the summum ...
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The Blue Zones -- Book Summary

The Blue Zones — Book Summary

Learn how to live a long, healthy life Foreword by Karl: Did you ever feel discouraged about the apparently contradictory information about nutritional science out there? The media seems to catch every opportunity to make yet another sensational headline with ...
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5 levels of leadership -- Book Summary

5 levels of leadership — Book Summary

Learn about highly important leadership skills A great leader is like the captain of a sailboat, able to navigate the stormy sea and keep the boat on course. Working under a great boss not only is great because your ...
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Failing forward -- Book Summary

Failing forward — Book Summary

Learn to think differently about failure Usually, failure is considered as the opposite of success. But this is not true. Failure is not to be avoided but to be embraced because it is a necessary part of success. If ...
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