Lessons from Mindfulness

Mindfulness finding peace in a frantic world is an excellent book for people interested in getting started with mindfulness practice. I did already practice meditation daily for more than a year so I didn’t follow the entire structured program but rather complemented my practice. So either way you will benefit from this book. The book … Read moreLessons from Mindfulness

Do it for fun

In this video Eli the Computer Guy talks about something I’d love more people to understand. He explains that most people expect to get money out of their first business idea. But most people don’t see beyond that initial decision. We have to consider things like: – Will people be interested in my solution/service or … Read moreDo it for fun

7 Habits for Success from a Software Engineer

Normally I’m suspicious of list of steps to success because success is very hard to sum up like that. Even if you get it right, it’s likely to be misread by people. But these points come from a Software engineer which I admire for his deep insights. [video] Here are my personal comments on each … Read more7 Habits for Success from a Software Engineer

Games: Epic mindsets for epic challenges

I recently made a post about Daphne’s Ted Talk about how the brain benefits from video games. I loved that talk but Jane McGonigal’s talk is as good in a different or shall I say more epic way. The things she talks about are just brilliant, go watch the video after reading this. I’ll just … Read moreGames: Epic mindsets for epic challenges

How Video Games improve our Brain

I’m into improving my brain through meditation, exercise, and nutrition. Now I found another great way to improve my brain, by playing video games. What? Yes! And a fun way it is. I’m sure fewer people would object to playing video games than to sit down and meditate, lol. This Talk from Daphne Bavelier gives a … Read moreHow Video Games improve our Brain

Lessons from Arnold’s Total Recall

Lately, I’m reading more and more biographies and this one was certainly great not just because I love bodybuilding and have seen Arnold as an idol since I was a little kid, but also because this book gave me a deep insight into all his incredible achievements and the things he learned along the way. … Read moreLessons from Arnold’s Total Recall

Stick with it — Summary

A scientific way to create lasting change in your behavior Karl’s commentary: This is one of the best books about lasting change or habits formation. As the author says, the forces here presented are based on thousands of peer-reviewed studies. The seven forces of lasting change 1. STEPLADDERS, make small steps Research has shown that … Read moreStick with it — Summary

60 seconds and you’re hired — Summary

This book focuses on the essentials of a good job application. Grab employers attention from the beginning Employers have to make quick hiring decisions so you should grab their attention quickly. If you feel under pressure just bear in mind that employers feel under pressure too, as bad hiring decisions cost their company a lot of … Read more60 seconds and you’re hired — Summary

Listen to negative feedback

I’ve been guilty of only seeking positive feedback too. But I really have to change this bad habit and so should you. Don’t blame, blame Elon Musk. He thinks it is the most fundamental advice for every entrepreneur striving for big things. Elon thinks that setting up good corrective feedback loops is the biggest challenge in life … Read moreListen to negative feedback

Meditation: How to set the right expectations – Excerpt

Excerpt from Your 3 best superpowers “HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS The next step in preparing to successfully meditate is to have realistic, grounded expectations of your practice before you begin. When I began learning to play the piano (which is a wonderful form of meditation, by the way), I was very enthusiastic. Learning scales was easy, … Read moreMeditation: How to set the right expectations – Excerpt

Mastery by George Leonard — Summary

Learn what characteristics are necessary to achieve mastery What exactly is mastery? Many may think it is being good at something but is focusing on that really helpful? It turns out that to master mastery we first have to rethink our motivations. For example, if you want to learn a new skill, do you want … Read moreMastery by George Leonard — Summary

Why some people don’t get value out of self-help books

Today I came across a review on Goodreads which pretty well sums up the notion most people have about self-help books: This book reminded me of why I stopped reading self-help books. I found this one particularly overwhelming. Filled with great inspirational advice I will just ignore because all I want to do is keep … Read moreWhy some people don’t get value out of self-help books

Do the best you can and you will feel good even if you fail — Total Recall Book Excerpt

In this excerpt from the book Total Recall, Arnold made me think with a brilliant statement. He exemplifies with his own experience that we feel bad after failure, not due to the failure, but because we haven’t done everything we could to get a successful outcome. “That afternoon at the gym, I thought more about my loss … Read moreDo the best you can and you will feel good even if you fail — Total Recall Book Excerpt

Feel the fear and do it anyway — Synthesis

Learn how to overcome fear and live your life in power and love This classic self-help book will teach you how to overcome fear. You’ll learn how commitment and action are essential to overcoming all fear and empower yourself. Finally, you’ll learn how no decision you made or will make can ever be “wrong.” But … Read moreFeel the fear and do it anyway — Synthesis

Mastery — Summary

Learn how to achieve success by learning from history’s geniuses Most people believe that in order to accomplish great things in life, you need to have the necessary talent. This is not true as studies have shown. It has been shown that blazing talent in young children rarely leads them to remarkable achievement later. Those … Read moreMastery — Summary

Essentialism — Summary

Learn how cutting back on some things can help you succeed. We live in a time where we have so many things to do. We often are overwhelmed by the options. This abundance, however, can have an unfortunate side effect, we can lose touch with the things which are really important to our happiness. To remedy … Read moreEssentialism — Summary

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ — Summary

Learn to manage your emotions so that you can use them to your benefit Emotions are not only what define our relationships or extreme situations like a fight. They are an integral part of our decision-making process. In this book, you will learn what emotional intelligence (EI) means and how it can be developed. But … Read moreEmotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ — Summary

Payoff — Summary

Learn how to motivate yourself and others from this “little brother” of the book Drive. What exactly is motivation and are there different types of motivation? We learned the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in the book Drive. In this book, you will learn more about what makes us motivated, spoiler alert * it … Read morePayoff — Summary

Bill Gate’s favorite Books

Bill Gates has a section dedicated to book reviews on his blog. Here are some of his favorites. ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined’ by Steven Pinker “Although a lot of people have never heard of Borlaug, he probably saved more lives than anyone else in history,” Gates says. “It’s estimated that … Read moreBill Gate’s favorite Books