Lessons from — What Doesn’t Kill Us & The Wim Hoff Method

I read this book because I’m very interested in the Wim Hoff method. The book is but a little longer than it should be. But hey, no problem as we can always skip the parts we don’t need and so I did. I summarized and quoted the most existing lessons, here they are. Humans evolved … Read moreLessons from — What Doesn’t Kill Us & The Wim Hoff Method

Learn to have control over your autonomous nervous system

If I had read this title a short while ago I would probably have scoffed it off at first but not any longer. I recently became interested in Wim Hof’s teachings and physical feats of survival because I noticed that he uses breathing techniques. Breathing techniques were something on my mind since a friend who … Read moreLearn to have control over your autonomous nervous system

Lessons from Mindfulness

Mindfulness finding peace in a frantic world is an excellent book for people interested in getting started with mindfulness practice. I did already practice meditation daily for more than a year so I didn鈥檛 follow the entire structured program but rather complemented my practice. So either way you will benefit from this book. The book … Read moreLessons from Mindfulness

Lessons from Buddha’s Brain

This is one of my favorite books. Why? Because I love books that mix traditional knowledge with science. There is much accumulated wisdom in humanitie鈥檚 heritage but how can I know that it is true? That鈥檚 where science comes in. As an example, cancer rates are much lower in countries with higher turmeric consumption like … Read moreLessons from Buddha’s Brain

A beautiful example of how mindfulness can change the mind — Book excerpt from Mindsight

I’m currently reading three books in parallel, Mindsight, Buddha’s brain and The Buddha聽walks into a bar. All three books show how we can rewire our brain with practice although, from slightly different angles. That’s what makes it so interesting to read them at the same time. Yesterday I read a few chapters of Mindsight in … Read moreA beautiful example of how mindfulness can change the mind — Book excerpt from Mindsight

C贸mo meditar

Le铆 muchos聽libros sobre meditaci贸n y hasta hice un curso de Mindfulness. Aparte de Mindfulness, tambi茅n practiqu茅 mantra meditation y muchas meditaciones guiadas. Con el tiempo refin茅 mi proceso y aprend铆 algunas cosas muy 煤tiles que quiero compartir. El tipo de meditaci贸n que m谩s me gusta hasta ahora es el Mindfulness y adem谩s me gusta ser … Read moreC贸mo meditar

Meditation: How to set the right expectations – Excerpt

Excerpt from Your 3 best superpowers 鈥淗AVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS The next step in preparing to successfully meditate is to have realistic, grounded expectations of your practice before you begin. When I began learning to play the piano (which is a wonderful form of meditation, by the way), I was very enthusiastic. Learning scales was easy, … Read moreMeditation: How to set the right expectations – Excerpt

The happiness project — Summary

Learn how to start your own journey towards happiness What is the greatest good in life? For thousands of years, philosophers and other intellectuals have tackled this question. Most of them, including Aristotle, declared that happiness was the summum bonum, that it is the sense and purpose of the entire human existence. Gretchen Rubin, the … Read moreThe happiness project — Summary

A one minute mindfulness meditation

Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do about it? Did you hear about the benefits of meditation but you think you have not enough time to practice? Worry no more, in this excerpt the authors of the very recommended book Mindfulness explain how you can meditate in just 1 minute. A one-minute … Read moreA one minute mindfulness meditation

How Buddhism relates to Science

馃摎 Happiness | Science | Meditation| Buddhism Excerpt From: Dalai Lama. 鈥淭he Art of Happiness.鈥 The key question is: Does Buddhism have anything to contribute to the scientific investigation of happiness? In considering this question, it is important to understand that Buddhism is not a faith-based system in the traditional sense. In fact, when the … Read moreHow Buddhism relates to Science

10% Happier — key concepts

Learn how to become happier and more successful through meditation After suffering a聽panic attack, Dan Harris began a journey to search for a solution. His search eventually led him to meditation. In this book, the author tells how meditation helped him calm down his inner narrator which was the originator of his crisis, and how … Read more10% Happier — key concepts

Positivity — Summary

Learn how positive emotions lead to more success and a more fulfilled life Many books are written about the power of positivity, but many people don’t know that聽it is backed up by science. Positive emotions make us smarter and more successful and we can become happier just by being more grateful. Psychologists have shown that … Read morePositivity — Summary