How to SMART read

These are some of the basics about reading I got from Tai Lopez’s material.

The Basics

  • Have one or several reading rituals every day.
  • Be in a comfortable position.
  • Make sure to turn off distractions.
  • Use a highlighter.

Before starting to read

  • Set a goal before starting to read. “Why am I reading this book?”
  • Start by the table of contents.
  • Read what people say about the author to unlock you authority bias.


  • Do not forget to re-read the best books. Only by repetition will you make the knowledge instinctual.
  • Read books about a variety of important topics which will help you get a better life quality such as health, wealth, love/social and happiness.
  • Don’t get scared from Fear of missing out (FOMO). You should be able just to grab a book and read the relevant stuff for you at this moment, then put it aside without feeling bad. You can get back to it later.

Subtypes of books, just to have an idea:

  • Classics (at least 50 years old and highly respected, big picture)
  • How to books (practical)
  • Biographies (learn my osmosis, courage, motivation)

Practical stuff about reading

Read different books differently

  • The fastest to read are the how-to books.
  • With classic books, you will probably go slower.
  • Read biographies slow enough so that you can savor them.

How to read

A quick review in the table of contents, first chapter, and last chapter to get a brief overview.

Identify and isolate key chapters depending on your time and of the type of book.

Don’t be afraid to read out of order sometimes, it can spark your curiosity and help you isolate key chapters when you have little time.

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