Silicon Valley and Universities trade on brand

#Garyvee nailed it once again in one of his podcasts.

Someone in Hong Kong asks’s Gary about Silicon Valley and if China, Singapore etc should copy Silicon Valley’s values and standards.

Gary responds basically like this:

That would make me really sad… if asia started Silicon Valley’s standards…

All that happened in the last seven years of venture capital business mindset to the forefront is that we’ve thought a lot of people how to not be entrepreneurs… We thought a lot of people of how to worship fundraising not business building… the number one mistake asia would make is to follow the Silicon Valley blueprint

Innovation will always matter, but innovation happens all over the world, Silicon Valley is just where kids go after good shit happens… This is the same bullshit that universities trade on, they trade on brand, these things are not as valuable as we think… we are worshipping the wrong thing

I think this happens so often, we often blame our lack of success to a lack of opportunities when in reality we have all it takes to start working on and doing the things we want. Or at least prepare for them. I think that if at the present moment I can’t do what I really want, I can at least prepare for it, do some online course, read a book, talk to people who are doing it etc.

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