2019 goals – INVESTMENT

2018 was the second year of daily meditation practice. It was the year I was able to get out of the dark hole, and things started to get finally a little easier. It was a year where I accomplished great things professionally at my job, but had to sacrifice a lot of free time in order to maintain my meditation and workout routine. Speaking of training, I slowly started to arrange equipment and routines that allowed me to have a more consistent training schedule.

Training with weights was once a big part of my life which I neglected for years. I followed advice from someone on YouTube, a principle I learned from a book and my own intuition and bought some equipment which now gives me the freedom to train at home whenever I want.

If there is something I learned through experience in 2018 is that consistency pays of eventually. You gotta thrust in the process resulting from the work you put in. There was something very valuable I had to sacrifice though, reading time. Yes that is correct, I had to sacrifice time from one of the activities I most love, in order to be able to meditate for about two hours a day which was my goal.

That’s what I’m going to change this year, I’m going to free up time to read. What’s not going to change is that I’ll invest time in myself, actually it is going to change because I will MASSIVELY ramp-up investment in myself.

What is my why? It’s starting to become fun and I noticed that my personal success is proportional to the positive impact I can make in the world.

This blog is a way for me to share things that helped me, so that more people may benefit from them.

I’m so grateful for all of you, especially if my content has helped you in any way. I’m so looking forward to publish on a regular basis again this year!

Big cheers to you all!

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